Git-based Programming Assignments Cheat Sheet

When accepting a programming assignment, the following workflow is required:

  • copy the download URL of your assignment on your repository homepage (it resembles something like
  • clone the repository to your computer (you might have to set up ssh authentication first and upload your public key to the classroom platform)
    git clone $YOUR_REPO_URL
  • after the above succeeds, you'll have a new directory that you have to enter; in this directory, you can complete the assignment
  • whenever you finished coding, add your changes to the index; to see which files are changed, use git status; to add them to the index use git add [...]
  • make a snapshot of your current status quo using git commit -m '$YOUR_COMMIT_MESSAGE'
  • upload your new change snapshots (commits) to the classroom platform git push

For further information on using distributed version control with git, see the overview page on DVCs or the git cheat sheet.