Pygame is a Python package designed for writing video games. It uses the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library, which is written in the C programming language. Pygame allows game development using the SDL without having to use the C.

Getting Started with pygame

You may want to start with a quick video tutorial like Get Started in Pygame in 10 minutes! to get a taste of what you're going to accomplish.

You may use any proper pygame tutorial, but make sure that the tutorial uses any current version of Python (>= 3.8). I currently recommend this complete guide to pygame.

Setting up pygame

You can test if pygame is installed on your compouter by starting python


and then importing the library

import pygame

If you want to install it on your own computer, run the following

sudo apt install python3-pygame

If you don't have the joy of running a debian-based Linux operating system, you may install pygame with pip (stands for pip installs python)

python -m venv pygame-venv
. pygame-venv/bin/activate
pip install -U pip
pip install pygame